Welcome to HANNAH, created BY M/LES.

What’s it all about then ? 

Unlike most 26 year old girls, I have spent my last 4 years of adolescence working, living, partying and acting as a hotel for friends in New York City, the City that never sleeps … and seemingly neither do it’s occupants. With an established creative skill set, a hunger to start my own thang, the acknowledgment I was starting to say “sidewalk” and “trash”, and a realisation that 10 days vacation a year was not enough for any zen human being, at my grandparents delight I made the informed decision to move back to the UK, for good… basically I SAW SENSE. SO I’m now back in London with my feet planted firmly on the ground, and a bladder constantly full of coffee, slowly but surely networking my way around East London, and making a name for myself in the creative world. 

You want me to explain what’s actually going on here …  

.With a name such as Hannah, a love for typography and a need to brand everything, it was a no-brainer that when it came to branding myself. I seemed to have a lot of creative desire, but in fact no need to think outside of the box… so I didn’t. It would be an offence to anyone out there with an impossibly difficult, un-brandable name which contains far too many S’s and G’s to curve if I did not use the beautiful palindrome that my parents tagged me with at birth, and create something elegant and, uncharacteristically for me, simple. All of those straight lines, reflective angles and that easy lettering sequence could not go to waste. So, with a few gaps, flips and font edits, ‘HANNAH’ was born.

So then I had ‘HANNAH’. The problem now was that there are so many titles and labels I constantly feel the need to give myself encompassing this one name, that I, admittedly big-headidly, felt that I was unable to successfully describe who I was and what I can do without going on and on and on …a bit like this sentence. So, here’s what I did… I created a tree.

This tree pretty much describes it all.

Under the umbrella that is ‘HANNAH’, I have a growing multitude of different creative outlets, all ‘By M/LES’. So the world is HANNAH, but it is created By Miles…. get it ? Got it ? GOOD.


With a growing skill set, a growing network of connections and a bright smile, I can guarantee that there will be a lot more branches off that tree in the future and that umbrella, which right now might seem to be one of those packable, contractable, tiny patterned ones that you keep in the bottom of your bag and most of the time forget about until it rains … will soon become your dads golfing umbrella, that stands proudly in the porch and is used exclusively for special occasions…



So that’s that….When I started writing this post, I never expected to conclude with a comparison between my brand and an umbrella, but it seems to fit quite nicely… I guess that’s what happens when you live in England again… everything always reverts back to the weather, and everything revolves around the rain.



I hope you enjoy following my journey, and I am chuffed to have your support.