Maybe I should have entitled this post “Causing a stir” .. because that’s exactly what it did… a completely unintentional small stir maybe, but a stir none the less. I kinda felt like how I imagine Kim Kardashian felt when her sex tape got released to the public eye … “Oh no what have I done. Oh well at least it got me some publicity” … and look where that got her, to be one of the most famous faces around, so here’s hoping for maybe like 5% of that fame… I mean my facebook post got shared way more than it usually does.

So heres what happened. As you can see from the above image I have mocked up my photography onto the front cover of Vogue as a kind of visualisation project. All very tongue in cheek and never intended to actually fool people into believing that this was real. The book The Secret once told me that if you write it down and visualise it strongly enough it will happen …. so that’s what I am doing, I am making it happen, and to my surprise, people actually believed that it did happen !! Now I am taking that of course as a huge compliment, the fact that people are so willing to believe that I have actually made it onto the front cover of Vogue, but the truth of the matter is that shooting for Vogue is probably going to take a few more years and a lot more work to be even considered by the editors, let alone be selected to shoot.

It was all a  bit awkward because my model Debra Rapoport who I shot a glorious photoshoot with when I was based in New York shared the post too and with her friends averaging over the age of 60, and perhaps not realising that these mock ups can be digitally manipulated into looking just like the original, all got understandably over excited because they thought that Debra had actually made it onto the front cover for the June issue. Ooops. Flattered that they thought the shot was worthy and flattered was Debra that they thought she was also worthy (which she is and she should be on the real cover) we then had to break it to her friends and followers that this was not in fact the real deal and all these “Congratulations” comments were unfortunately not necessary.

So my idea was to do a monthly edition of my mock up VOGUE, just to keep the visualising going and then one day it might actually happen… But what I have learnt from this June edition is to make sure I emphasize and re-emphasize the fast that this mock up IS NOT REAL, it’s a mock up, a fake, a fraud … should I be ashamed … ? NAH … just like Kimmy K would adive, keep that publicity rolling in 🙂